Is your favorite band a brand?

Consider your favorite band or musical artist.

Your favorite band doesn’t care about branding or sales, right? They’re all about the music!

WRONG! The truth is that even a band is a brand – with T-shirts, concert tours, sponsorships, ads, strategic alliances, and music videos.

Even Pearl Jam is brand, which has mastered the greatest marketing trick of all: making us believe that it doesn’t want our money.

In the previous reading, Dynamic Graphics magazine showed us how to break down the Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey brands by personal characteristics. The truth is: you can do this for any celebrity – or band.


TASK: Write down the personality characteristics for your favorite band. If you can’t think of any, I suggest U2 – a brand that has had its ups and downs over time, but may very well be the most popular band in the world today.