Which brands are most valuable?

“What’s 10 years old and worth more than Coke?” the Globe and Mail once asked in a headline.

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Brand management is hard work – defending against competitors, nurturing relationships with customers, making a big profit, and having a little luck.

Five important factors are your brand’s:

  1. Credibility,
  2. Reputation,
  3. Concern for the individual customer,
  4. Good deeds,
  5. Willingness to lead others toward the same.
Which products and companies do it best?

One way to gauge is by looking at these lists – the most valuable brands in the world:

  1. BrandZ Top 100 most valuable global brands
  2. Globe and Mail’s Top 15 Canadian brands


TASK: Look at the top five brands in both lists. Which brands do you think will increase in value? Which do you think will decrease? Why?