Brand personality and positioning

Pick one brand from the list below and think of five personality traits you associate with it.

Old Dutch
Tim Hortons
Do the traits remind you of any people you know?

As you consider your list of personality traits, you can see how these little elements make up the broad sweep of the feelings you have toward these brands.

It’s almost as though brands are people…a concept not unfamiliar to Apple (and many other brands), as we see here in the famous Mac versus PC ads:

These ads are all about positioning – the process by which marketers aim to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for their product, brand, or organization. People identify characteristics in these brands that match their own, or to which they aspire, and that perception leads them to identify with – and buy – them.

In the early days of the brand, Apple was perceived as a small upstart going up against the mighty IBM. Few thought it possible for any company to challenge IBM, but Apple saw itself as the plucky, resourceful David to IBM’s Goliath (or is that Big Brother?), and said as much in its famous 1984 Super Bowl ad – still considered to be one of the greatest ads of all time:


TASK: Think of the personality traits of the Facebook brand. Which social-media tool is best positioned to compete with Facebook in the “against” position and why?