Lesson 1: What’s a brand?

A brand:
  • Is the heart and soul of a product or organization – its personality – that differentiates it from others in the marketplace and gives it meaning and value.
  • Is a promise to deliver a consistent and reliable standard of quality, size, durability and satisfaction.
  • Encompasses many elements – values, history, mission, vision, name, image, logo, design, symbol, colors, packaging, advertising, employees, media coverage, policies, and story among them.

Without brands, we couldn’t tell one product from another, advertising them would be impossible, and it would take a lot longer to buy groceries at the supermarket.

I’ll let my friend, Steve Jobs, explain in this grainy but great video, in which he launches Apple’s famous Think Different campaign:

Of course, Jobs founded Apple – one of the most valuable brands in the world today.

Want to learn more about “a brand?” Watch this video by the MSc Brand Leadership Team at Norwich Business school: